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Tips to follow for Business Owners during the COVID19 lockdown on Social Media in 2020

Uncertainty looms over every business as corona has hit every industry. But it is the spirit to not give up and go on that will help us sustain in these tough times. If you are a business owner who has a phone and an internet connection, trust us you have the power to boost your business and attract your potential customers with just a click. However, there are certain rules you must follow to make your business profile significant for your clients and potential customers on Social Media.

Make a Profile on LinkedIn; from a study, it has been found that Facebook, followed by Instagram and Twitter is the most popular social media platform used by small business owners. People most often forget about LinkedIn, which is designed specifically for business and employment-oriented services

Use visually appealing pictures to enhance the quality of your posts, because “It is a visual world and people respond to visuals”.

Seek permission before you tag people in any of your posts, You might not know but they might get annoyed when constant notifications pop up in their account.

Give prompt feedback and reply to queries of your followers, this will establish you as a serious company that values its customers.

Try to generate content and posts that are informative and can add value to the lives of your followers. A series of informative posts about your business or product will help in building your reputation among your clients and potential customers.

Hashtags help netizens to find the niche they are looking for on social media. Hence, Use Hashtags relevant to your product or service, avoid turning every word in your sentence as hashtags.

Try these tips and don’t let the lockdown affect your business profile. 

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