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Cyber Threats are emerging as per our evolving landscapes. As of December 2022, investment fraud is the costliest form of cybercrime, with an average of $ 70,811 lost per victim. It is clear that the rate and cost of data breaches are increasing. Since 2001,the victim count has increased from 6 victims per hour to 97, a 1517% increase over 20 years. Let us not wait for one more incident to react with counter measures. Let us have new year resolutions ready with the learning from the new normal times in 2022. ADZGURU, is just a call away to handle your data security needs.

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Our mission is to introduce best practices of Cyber and Information Security protection, integrate them seamlessly with organizational processes, empower organizations to manage and mitigate risks, and help them become globally competitive.


Our vision is to become a partner of choice for Cyber and Information Security for clients by harnessing and implementing all aspects of data protection, and in turn, working relentlessly towards protecting enterprises and people, and contributing to the development of the country by making it cyber secure


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