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How we ride on the boat in India

I always had the Indian names of cities, villages or streets - they are often simply unreadable for Europeans. In one of these wonderful named places, we drove on this weekend. MudaliyarkUppam is the name that you have to remember if you want to ride a boat without departing away from Chennai.
And we rode on the boat on the backwaters ... plus a video report. Exactly through the hour by car and we are in place. Mudaliyarkuppam is hire of water and swimming agents.

Moreover, the quality of the services provided is confirmed by the famous Incredible India portal. Prices are quite acceptable, for the 40 minute riding with the captain you will need to pay only about 500 rubles, if we talk about the six-seater boat. Below in the photo there are all rates to calculate in rubles it is enough to divide the specified amount in half.

The reservoir on which the boats are called backwaters. Usually it is a narrow bay / bay with fresh water, which originated from the Indian Ocean. The most popular and most extended backwaters are in Kerala. But Kerala needs to fly, and the nearest cute reservoir is only 150 km away.

We were with a guide - therefore I have not worried about and nothing to think about. He agreed about everything and in five minutes we were invited to one of these boats. It looks like they look not very, but in fact quite normal for swimming in the water, where from one shore to another sail just a couple of minutes and yes, life jackets were also.

By the way, in the photo you can see what a strong sampling, because it was not for a very long time for the rains.

When we sailed off the shores of the landscapes around the steel much more romantic.

Around was fresh breeze and endless water surface.

I was sure that our hour walk would be only on the backwater, but I was waiting for an unexpected stop on the island with a beautiful, long and clean beach with the talking name Beach Island.

So far, for me is the most pleasant beach on which I was. There is a very good, pure and even even good.

I even regretted that I did not take a swimsuit with him, because only there, for the first time I wanted to swim in the Indian Ocean.

On the opposite way we saw the sunset. He was very beautiful! After all, in Chennai, we practically do not see the evening sun, it immediately leaves the city. It turns out that the best place for a romantic sunset is a backwater in MudaliyarkUppam.

When we just sailed from the pier and I opened a stunning look I immediately decided to shoot the video, which I share with you.

And we rode on the boat ...

My whole impression is very positive: boats, romance, sunsets-dawn ... In fact, when you live in a big city, you just need to drive into such places, and travelers, if there is free time, then absolutely accurately recommended Boat House in MudaliyarkUpamp! Albury Wodonga TV Antennas installation masters.

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