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Makeup under a blue dress

Blue color has long been a standard on world podiums, and there are many different shades available. Despite the fact that this shade is quite universal, there are several important considerations that should be borne in mind. A blue dress requires makeup, which is combined with an outfit and which corresponds or complements the color of the eyes and hair. The blue tones are elegant and restrained, and they can be used both for official events and for everyday socks.

1. Powder and tone cream that are compact. The way to achieve the desired result is determined by the intended picture. First, you must disguise any problem stains on your skin with a consilete, and then apply a tone cream to a darker skin tone. It will give the radiance to your face. Then use the powder for fixing the final product.

2. Since the blue is cold, thin shades of the Rumba are more appropriate than bright. They will revive the skin and reinforce her shine.

3. Use the lip pencil and lipstick to create a circuit image. Lipsticks of neutral tones usually seem favorable. First, the lips should be wider, then apply balm, and then apply the contour from above.

Clothes color, eye color and hair color - all this plays a certain role.

Light dresses are best looking at classic smoky ice, while dark color dresses are best looking with golden dresses. It is very important not to overdo it with the saturation of the shadows, so that makeup does not seem crazy or vulgar.

To draw attention to the color of the dress, carbonous stylists recommend adding a small amount of blue shadows. Bronze or gold selection is also suitable for blue-eyed and serune-minded women. It is important to remember that cosmetics applied to the tone alongside will seem artificial and vulgar.

The use of all the shades of brown shadows under the blue dress is suitable for brunettes, while blondes, blonde and red-haired women should stick to light beige tones.

Makeup for daily use

A plum or burgundy lipstick would be a pleasant addition to the daily image for a more official occasion. Lady will offer himself sexuality and liberty if he focuses on his lips.

Under the evening dressing layer of smoky ice. This choice will provide you with the opportunity to experience the life of Hollywood celebrity. Do not forget to use peach lipstick and thin blush of the pale tone to complete the image. Best birthday cakes in christchurch New Zealand.

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